GLISS Programmes

  • Cyber Policy And Digital Rights

    Cyber Policy And Digital Rights

    Program Goal: The goal of the Cyber Policy and Digital Rights Program is to lead in Cyber Policy Research and Knowledge sharing and, to inform policy makers, entrepreneurs and the general public about the politics of Cyberspace; and thus fostering ...

  • Democracy, Rule Of Law And Political Accountability

    Democracy, Rule Of Law And Political Accountability

    Article 6 of the treaty establishing the East African Community provides that the fundamental principles that shall govern the achievement of the objectives of the Community by the Partner States shall include, inter alia, good ...
  • Inclusive Growth And Development

    Inclusive Growth And Development

    Program Goal: Inclusive Growth and Development program is part of GLISS’ cutting-edge knowledge agenda that provides evidence and knowledge to enable governments, civil society leaders and the general public in the great lakes region on how to effectively ...

  • Security And Peace Governance

    Security And Peace Governance

    Insecurity defines the Great Lakes Region (GLR). There has never been a single year in the last six decades of Africa’s independence when there was no war or generalized violent conflict in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. ...

  • Strategic Minerals And Oil Governance

    Strategic Minerals And Oil Governance

    The current growth of the extractives sector has undoubtedly  reshaped the ecological and socio-economic geography of the Great Lakes sub-region in a manner previously unimagined.

    The scale of investments, the range, diversity of actors and the current structure of power relations makes ...

GLISS Special Projects